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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
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Mo | 19 | College Student | Canada | Female

Hello! My name is Mo and I'm a 19 yearold Canadian college student attending at Vancouver Film School. My hometown is in sweet sunny California and I plan on returning there after getting my degree. I thoroughly enjoy art, I always have, and it's my dream to work with Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, or any other big time animated cartoon company with an ongoing comic book under my belt as well. I hope you enjoy my art and progress and I am always open for honest and constructive critique!

GUYS. Please FEEL FREE to comment on how I can improve this! Thank you!


Chapter 1: befriending

-Thorn’s back story, looses memory, has demon, gets memory back over time, learns to control new powers and demon.

(Does he really need the power to see into the future? It kind of seems a lot for a main character to have a demon, amnesia, future sight, and relations to a god…)

-Lilly knows some of thorn’s past. Stays beside him and reassures him of ability to control demon.

(I need to make it clear that “innocent” peoples are very well able to communicate with spirits. And that Lilly has a strong sense of that.)

-Riyo is running away from Tone(antagonist), trying to stay solitary, ends up befriending lilly on an evening he runs into thorn when he is in danger of demon.

(Thorn’s demon wakes up in some odd event which triggers his memory of his past, breaking the old seal. But what is the event? Does nakumi confront him? How would she know now without evidence?)

-Rikako is running away from responsibility of arranged  marriage. Runs into Thorn and befriends him on night thorn hurts lilly.

(This is after Thorn remembers his past after his memory and demon is unsealed. He accidentally hits her and is kicked out of the house for a few hours, where he runs into Rikako in her fox form.)

Chapter 2: problems are brought up

-Nakumi(past of thorn and lily) comes back to town to destroy demon, which is thorn. Even with good past, still goes to kill thorn for revenge of her familys death from the demon.

(She witnessed the outburst of Thorn’s demon rampaging when he broke the old seal, and goes to kill him in his sleep that night as he is recovering)

-Lily begins to suspect something of riyo after he leaves.

(It’s obvious he’s hiding something. But she lets him go. Just adds tension to story.)

-Nakumi goes in for the kill, and Lily uses “innocence” power to pray for help

-BOOM, RIYO SAVES THE DAY. Is forced against will to return and help as Godem, his guardian side he has been hiding. His secret is revealed as nakumi escapes with her life.

(Godem is a giant silver dragon that is classified as a “guardian.”)

-Demonic possesion problem continues to rise as they need to find a new way to seal or destroy it.

(Thorn’s health is declining.)

-Rikako reveals self from fox form to help guide them to someone who can help get a cheap nonpermanent seal.

-As riyo begins to continue to befriend the gang, begins to also worry about if the antagonist following him has found or caught up (which is YES)

Chapter 3: The big problem, antagonist shows face.

-Thorn’s health is getting better, but all are still worried that they need a proffesional seal.

-Lilly and Thorn go to a library to research towns best known for such information or services while Rika and Riyo kick back at the house.

-They have been FOLLOWED! DundunDUUNNNNN. Kidnapped and taken to an abandoned building.

-Riyo watches time pass and realizes there’s something wrong. Upon going out to search, Tone confronts him and gives ultimatum. Work with him or friends die. Riyo tries to fight tone off in anger, but is captured. Rikako runs off to save herself.

-Lily and Thorn tied up. Not in good condition. Worried for eachother.

-Tone arrives with Riyo captured. Starts to tourture by making him decide who dies first, since he put up a fight.

-Tone decides Thorn first, since he can put lily to good use. D: Gross.

-Riyo can’t do anything, flips out, thorn gets so mad at tone’s comment that he goes demon and starts taking things down-is easily knocked out by tone, and seemingly killed.

-Lily dragged away as Tone asks for riyo’s help again.

-Meanwhile, Rika sneaks in and heals thorn’s fatal injuries and goes off w/ him to find and save lilly while riyo goes bezerk and fights tone.

-Fight escelates and becomes a draw as building collapses, separating tone and riyo. Gang grabs his attention and they escape.

Chapter 4: Game plan

-Thorn has another weak seal, and still needs help.Riyo needs to escape tone since he’s still in the city.

-Gang decides they will travel together as thorn and lilly need to find a permanent seal, and riyo needs to escape tone, and rika is coming along for fun(because she’s lonely)


End of Book ONE.

*Notes are in red.

                Ideas for continuing story: they run into all kinds of adventures and terrors and romances. They bond even closer and learn values of friendship and humanity, as well as exploring the mythology and history of the land.

                Lilly will find her family, Thorn will discover his past, Rikako will gain responsibility, and Riyo will find love.

                In the end, Tone will gain a different guardian rather than Riyo, and gain a huge amount of power, and become a terrible beast which reflects his desire to become a “god” of a new race. The gang must work together to hone their abilities and knowledge gained on the journey to defeat Tone before he destroys the capital and creates a new race in his vision: corrupt with power and destructive

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Hey Mo, we met a while ago at a SacAnime convention. I got into doing webcomics about a half year ago, and figured you might want to check this out :D…
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